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phpMyAdmin 4.3.9

phpMyAdmin Editor's Review

phpMyAdmin is a powerful Web interface that can be used for the administration of a MySQL database server over the internet. 

This tool requires a running HTTP server with PHP enabled and MySQL extensions, because it's a tool that has been written in PHP. Mac OS X comes with a built in Apache server that can be enabled from the 'System Preferences' panel. The PHP support can be used, if you install an additional package. The easiest way is to use the PHP Apache Module

The module needs a little configuration, especially if you use a password for the root account. In order to connect to MySOL server you have to create a configuration file with the built-in tool. This creates the configuration file or you might use the default config.default.php. You can find the configuration files within the 'libraries' directory of this program. 

The application doesn't restrict you to one authentication type. You can use either the 'config' authentication, cookie authentication or the HTTP authentication. Depending on the situation, you have to use one of these authentication types. 

The administration of the databases is much easier to do than using the command line interface. Another advantage is that you don't have to open a hole in your firewall in order to administrate the database server since this tool is using only a Web interface. This is good as a security measure and it's also good if you don't want to make the MySQL server to be directly available to the network or the Internet since it can use a socket connection and turn off the TCP/IP support of the MySQL server instead of blocking everything from the firewall. 

The application is very complex and it has a lot of administrating tools that can be used over a MySQL database. In order to obtain most from this package, reading its documentation is a requirement. 

Pluses: is a portable tool that can be used across a network or across the Internet in order to administrate your MySQL databases. 

Drawbacks / flaws: learning how to use this tool takes some time and effort. 

In conclusion: this is one of the most popular database administration tool. It combines many features that can make your life much easier. 

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